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Blue Mountain Myst

BIOS 2003

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Laura, Bitsy & Beth


"Barefooting" in Paint Bank, VA

Photos by: Wade Stayton Photography/ 6207 Potts Creek Road/ Covington, VA (540)747-2222

Laura Ashworth-
     I was born and raised in Charlotte, NC.  It was there that my brother and sister practiced piano in our living room as I sat at my toy piano beside them.  I was amazed at the beautiful sound that would come out of that piano.  I believe that is when my curiosity and interest about how tones come together and produce harmony was born. 
     I wanted to play an instrument in elementary school and selected the violin, which I continued to play through high school.  I just loved how the music from the orchestra sounded when all of the different tones came together as one!!! When I was 16, I bought my first guitar, which I still have to this day.  I played it on the Blue Mountan Myst's first CD.  ( Love that guitar!)
     I did not play often when my children (Michael, David & Erin) were small, but as they grew older I began playing more and writing a little music.  In time, each one of them asked me to teach them how to play guitar.  The rascals not only learned how to play mama style, but their talent grew to encompass their own unique style-and now they all three write their own music, which I am amazed at every time I hear them play.  My oldest son does a lot of the back-up music and solo spots on our "Kitchen Jam" CD.  He plays different instruments to accomplish this.  His talents extend from Classical, to Bluegrass, Rock and Jazz and everything in between.  Rascal.  Thank you Michael. 
     I am so thankful for my experience with Blue Mountain Myst and my sisters in sound~Bitsy and Beth. 


Mysti women...

Bitsy Davis-
     If you ask my "little" Momma when I started singing she will tell you: "The day she was born!"  I truly believe this myself!  I have always sung and wrote music.  While in school I participated  in the band and school choir as well as with any other singing group that would let me sing.  After graduating from Good Ole' Clifton Forge High School in 1980 and starting my family, I moved to Brevard, North Carolina where my husband grew up.  While there, I continued to sing for weddings and special events in that area.  It was then that I met my "Soul-Mates in Sound and Harmony." Ms. Laura, Ms. Beth and I have such unique and different personalities!  But you have to agree when you hear us that we fit like gloves!  Thanks for being a part of our Dream!  I will see you in the Blue Mountain Myst!
Beth Ihme-
     When I was eight years old, Santa Claus brought me a piano for Christmas.  I took piano lessons for six months and decided I could do better just playing by "ear."  My dad encouraged me to perform in church and in public.  Playing piano and singing back-up with Blue Mountain Myst is the most awesome thing I have ever done in my music career.  We started singing in July of 2002, released our first CD in August of 2003, and then we started performing in public.  Now isn't that kind of different...but hey, it's okay.  I was meant to be that way.  Just ask Bitsy and Laura.
     I have lived in Rosman, North Carolina all of my life.  I am the only child of Ernest and Jo Powell.  In 1982 I married Jerry Ihme and we have two teen-age children, Shane & Kristin. 

"Three mountain gals echo the harmony of these hills"