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Blue Mountain Myst

Mysti News/2004-2005

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News Update:

Birthdays-  Webmaster Shane Ihme - June 3
                 David Ashworth (lLaura's son) - June 29
Shane will graduate "Valedictorian" from Rosman High School on June 5, 2004.  Go Shane!!! BMM is proud of you!!!
WEDDING- Band Crew Member Larry Pennybacker and Bitsy's daughter, Noel Davis - JUNE 19, 2004 ~Congratulations from BMM...

2004 NEWS
The Myst girls are taking the month of June off from the music circuit.  Lots of family events are taking place, vacations, etc. and the girls will be back in full swing in July.  Laura is making plans to return to college, Bitsy is gearing up for Noel's wedding in June, Beth is going to the beach with her family and to see Shania Twain in concert (a belated birthday present)!!  The Myst girls work full time, juggle housework, families, grand-children etc!  It's a chore! 
(Back-up news)
Billy Berger (Mandolin Player) moved to Brevard on June 10th.  Billy works at Bracken Mtn Bakery! 
Cindy Sealy and Matt Smith will release their new cd in fall of 2004!
Happy Birthday to Mark Curtis- July 4th!
Happy Birthday to Jerry Ihme-July 12th
Bitsy will be arriving in Brevard on July 7th.  Three play-dates are on the menu!!! The Myst Girls are making a sweep of Transylvania County- July 8-10th!
Dugan's Pub- Brevard/ Open Mike Night (Beth & Bitsy sang a few songs with Mark Queen-Bluegrass Guitar Picker)
Quotations Coffee Shop - 8th featuring Paul Elwood on Banjo/Congas
El Ranchero Restaurant- 9th featuring Cindy Sealy & Matt Smith on guitars
WSQL Radio Show-10th featuring Paul Elwood, Cindy Sealy & Matt Smith
The BMM girls did Karaoke with Michael at Casey Jones Restaurant on July 10th also
ROAD TRIP- July 23-24 featuring Paul Elwood, Cindy Sealy & Matt Smith and Billy Berger
Music on the Square in Jonesborough TN on Friday
Bolar Mtn State Park on Saturday
July 25th - Back Home!  We all survived the TN, VA, road trip.  What a wonderful 2 days.  Bitsy got spider bit, Laura wore her head gear, and Beth borrowed some Vicks Vapor Rub!   Comfort Inn and Cracker Barrel will never be the same.  The crowds were large and the "Cindy Sealy" band was just awesome.  Crystal, Ted, Larry, Noel, John, Steve, Jerry & Austin helped with the load-in/load-outs. Sarah took pictures.   What can we say?  Thanks a million to everyone. Love,  (Bitsy, Laura & Beth)
Bitsy attended the "Saffire-Uppity Blues Women" and "Nickel Creek" Concerts at the Lyme Kiln in Lexington, VA.
Laura is going back to college...On Line!!!
Laura is going to be a grandmother!  Congratulations
to Erin & Michael.
August 6 - Happy Birthday to Sarah Carlson - Photographer for BMM
August 14- Girls Only! Road Trip to West Virginia to sing for the Dixon 
                 Family Reunion.  "Take Me Home Country Roads!"  The
                 The Myst Girls spent the night in a 1862 "Dixon" farm
                 house in Arthurdale, WV.  Great Trip!
                 Many thanks to Wilma, Tom, Rich, Aleisa, Nancy & Lonnie
                 for making our 10 1/2 hour drive worth every minute! 
                 Those Dixon's really know how to have a family reunion!
                  Thanks for the Dixon Chix t-shirts!
August 16- BABY BOY IS HERE!   Zachery Talyn Wiseman, 8lbs. 2oz.
                21 1/2", black hair!  Congratulations Crystal (fan club 
                president) and Ted (band crew) and big brother Austin! 
August 19- Old Thyme Revue 8pm- "Falls Theatre" in Brevard 
August 20- Webmaster Shane reports to UNC-Chapel Hill!
August 21- Mom leaves Shane at Chapel Hill (boo hoo)
August 22- Sarah (Billy's girlfriend moves into Brevard College)
August 27- Laura & Bitsy travel to MD to see HH Friend Gina Norton
                who is leaving for Iraq.  Our prayers are with you Gina!
August 29- Billy Berger's Birthday (Mandolin Player)  Yee hah!
September  1-Bitsy rolls into Transylvania County for a 3 day performance!
                1-Jordan Street Cafe 8pm w/Cindy Sealy Band/Mark Curtis
                   Sound Tech/Special Guest-Michael Ashworth
                2-Kitchen Jam at Ihme Resort- Laura & Bitsy write a brand
                   new song before Beth gets home from work-
                3-Essence of Thyme 8pm w/Cindy Sealy Band
                4-El Ranchero 6:30pm w/Cindy Sealy Band
                5-Bitsy back to Clifton Forge!
               21-Birthday- Paul Elwood (back-up banjo player)
               30-Bitsy rolls into Transylvania County
OCTOBER    1-BMM Girls start CD Proklaim Studio
                2-Recording Session
                3-Benefit for Sharing House at Brevard Music Ctr 2pm
                   BMM Photo Shoot with John Allen
                   Very Productive Weekend!  Girls record 7 brand new
                    tunes for their #2 CD!
                5-Rehearsal for upcoming shows at Rob's house in
                8-NC people "Head to Clifton Forge"
                9-12:30-1:30pm Douthat State Park-Apple Day
                   8pm Stonewall Show-Clifton Forge Center for the
                         Performing Arts
              15-9am Photo Shoot with John Allen for 2nd CD!
              15-6:30pm-El Ranchero Restaurant in Brevard, NC
              16- Bitsy back to Virginia!
                   Bitsy is going to be grandma again!  Twice!
                   Congratulations to:  Jasper & Kristin/ Noel & Larry!
              17-Birthday Girl!  Kristin Ihme is 16!
              18-22 Laura and Erin spend the week in Clifton Forge, VA
                   with Bitsy. Wrote a new song!  "Sunday Paper"
              31-Happy Halloween!
                 6-Happy 22nd Wedding Anniversary Beth & Jerry Ihme
               12-Laura and Beth write two new songs!
               17-Happy Birthday Noel Pennybacker (Bitsy's daughter)
               24-David Ashworth (Laura's Son) will have open heart  surgery.  Please keep David in your prayers!
               26- Bitsy to NC from Virginia
               27- David home from the hospital -Surgery Successful!
               27-Special Thanksgiving Show at El Ranchero Restaurant
                    in Brevard, NC with Cindy, Matt & Billy on Back-up
                    Special Guest- Mike Ashworth on Bass Guitar from the
                    Jaimee Tomas Band and Steve Trismen from Jupiter
                    Coyote on Fiddle!
               28- Bitsy Travels back to Clifton Forge
               29- Bitsy starts new job!
                  6- Laura starts college on line with Liberty University!
                  9- Back-Up Guitarist Cindy Sealy turns the big 5-0! 
                     Happy Birthday!
                17- NEW WEBSITE LAUNCHED
                25- MERRY CHRISTMAS!
                27- Jerimiah Davis is 3 years old!  (Bitsy's grandson)
                 1-HAPPY NEW YEAR
                 8-Our deepest sympathy is extended to Bitsy and her
                     family.  Her great-aunt passed away in Clifton Forge,
                20-Happy 22nd Birthday to Erin Ashworth-(Laura's
                22- Laura and Beth sing at Memorial Service for George
                      Morris (former co-worker)
                24-Happy 44th Birthday to Beth Ihme (the middle child of
                     Blue Mountain Myst)
                27-Bitsy and Gwen Brown (a BMM Groupie) travel from
                     Clifton Forge to the Ihme Resort     
                28-6:00pm- El Ranchero Restaurant, Brevard, NC
                    Guest Muscicians: Steve Trismen, Fiddle-Player of
                      Jupiter Coyote from Rosman, NC, Jody Wood from
                     Marshall, NC on rhythm guitar and banjo,  Jeff Foster,
                     bass guitarist with STR8 Edge, from Hendersonville, NC
                      JOIN US!
                28-Pajama Party at the Resort!
                30- Gospel Music at Cedar Mtn Baptist Church, Brevard
                      NC  (CANCELLED***SNOW)
FEBRURARY  10- Teresa Cox- Our new fan club president!
                 13- Baby Shower for Erin Ashworth!
MARCH         5- Matt Smith Birthday (Guitar Player from Boogiedok)
                 11- El Ranchero Restaurant, Brevard, NC
                 21- Michael Ashworth Birthday (Laura's Son)
                 12- Working on CD at Studio Proklaim
                 22- BABY IS HERE!  Laura is a grandmother!
                 24- Happy Birthday Bitsy Davis!!! (Lead Singer-BMM)
                       Brycen Jeremy!  Congrats to Erin & Michael
APRIL          1,2,3, 15, 16, 17 Bitsy Plays Patsy Cline in the musical                           "Always...Patsy Cline" at the Stonewall Theatre
                       Clifton Forge, VA
                  3- Jasper Davis Birthday!! (Bitsy's Son)
                  4- Matt Cagle's Birthday!!! #22 (for all you single girls
                        out there)
                   9- Our deepest Sympathy goes out to Bitsy, Joani, John, and Ted, and all other family members.  Bitsy's mom Violet passed away today.  You are in our thoughts and prayers.  Services will be Tuesday, April 12, 1pm at Nicely Funeral Chapel in Clifton Forge, VA.
APRIL           18-4PM STUDIO WORK!  Steve Trismen, Beth, Laura & 
MAY              2-4pm STUDIO WORK!  Laura & Michael
                  26- BABY IS HERE:  Congratulations to Noel &  Larry Pennybacker Baby Izaiah Dain 5 lbs/14oz.  in Lewisburg, WV.  Noel is Bitsy' daughter.
MAY                  27-6pm El Ranchero Restaurant
July             16-8pm Stonewall Theatre, Clifton Forge, VA
                    5-7pm RHS Benefit, Rosman, NC
                    6-6pm El Ranchero, Brevard, NC 
                  13-Dixon Family Reunion, Arthurdale, WV
                  26-7pm TBA Clifton Forge, VA
                  27-7pm Bolar Mtn Recreation Area, Lake Moomaw,        
                       Covington, VA 
October         8- Apple Day- Douthat State Park 7pm
November     19-20 Christmas Open House, White Squirrel Shoppe
                  Brevard, NC    

"We would like to thank our "Myst Fans"  for your continued support!  Thanks for all the e-mails and calls we receive daily."  Blue Mtn Myst